About me...

I, for one, hate those 3rd person Bios that tell you how great a performer/ singer/ kazoo player/ insert whatever here the person in question is; you obviously already have SOME interest or you wouldn't have spent you precious time getting this far, so let me cut to the chase!

I have made a comfortable living as a Performing Songwriter for over 40 years now.  This IS my day job, it's what I do... and I have never been fired from a gig:  I don't suck.

I play guitar and sing.  Mostly by myself, but if you have the cash, I can add as many folks on stage with me as you can afford.   Although I hate it when an Artist tells you who they sound like... if  it helps you paint a mental picture:  I sound like me.  BUT, I have been heavily influenced by folks like Jackson Browne,  Guy Clark, Lyle Lovett, Jimmy Buffet, Robert Earl Keen, Jerry Jeff Walker... you get the idea.  So, I kinda work in that vein.  I tell a story, I sing a song, I talk to the audience, I sing a song, I tell a story, I sing a song... it goes like that for the length of time I'm supposed to be on stage.  Then, I get off stage and hang with who-ever is still around until we get kicked out.  I'll sign anything, and I don't mind selfies.

I have 6 CD's released.  I have gotten radio airplay on all of them; I don't suck.  

I'm a fairly happy guy, I get along with almost everyone, I'm told that I have no filter (I prefer to believe that I'm just brutally honest), I believe that life is too short to go around whining and moaning... so I don't,  and I don't hang around folks who do.

Well... I guess that pretty much sums it up.  Oh, if it makes a difference: I grew up in Oregon, married an Oregon girl, still married, have a college degree and a bunch of initials behind my name, lived full time on a sailboat for 13 years,  been based out of South Padre Island, Texas since 1996, non-drinker, non-smoker, don't do drugs, reasonably tolerant of my wife's obsession with indoor cats, long distance walker (I subscribe to the Sloth ideal of Hiking: I'll get there when I get there.) prefer not to dance... and, well; I don't suck.