Thanks for stopping by...


Thanks for stopping by… kind of underwhelming isn’t it? 

So, like most of my colleagues, as a working – touring – bar playin’ performing songwriter, our world had pretty much ground to a screeching halt.  But slowly, ever so slowly, things are starting to open up.

I'm still not back to wandering around the country yet,  but here on my little island we are starting to see the new normal.  Everyone is wearing masks, we are social distancing, we are washing our hands faithfully... and we have hope.

I’m pretty confident that I will find more and more live performance opportunities as thing open up, and I'm bound and determined to get back out on the road... I miss you folks!

The challenge now is to let you know when and where;  so I’m setting up the little mailing list thingy down below… sign up and you’ll be the 3rd person to know when I’m back out on the road and coming to a joint near you. 

In the meantime, stay safe, have faith and be kind to one another.  

See ya’ on the road… 


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