How do we book Micheal

Booking me… pretty simple, but first a story! 

Several years ago, I had the pleasure of performing at the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival in Gulf Shores.  I was new to the South and a total unknown to this part of the world.  My shows were during the middle of the week and they went great; so well in fact that the promoter asked if I could stick around until the last day and play as a song swap during the afternoon with the big boys.  I responded that I would be honored… but I was living out of my 1970 Volkswagen Van and I would need a place to park.  He replied that they would put Cathy and I up in a fancy condo and I would still have access to the restaurant that was acting as the green room and feeding all the artists; I told them I could probably clear my schedule! 

So, Saturday comes and I show up at the main theater for my showcase and find myself sandwiched on stage between the late great Hank Cochran and the amazing Red Volkert.  At this point I have to interject that I was obviously waaaaay out of my element!  Both of these two iconic gentlemen welcomed me warmly and were very encouraging and I shall remember the afternoon for as long as I live… however one thing stands out much clearer than the rest. 

The Sound Engineer seemed to be having some sort of issue with the monitor system… nothing was coming through to us on stage.  After messing with it a few minutes, Mr. Cochran yelled across the room to him “Call my wife”, the Engineer smiled and assured Hank that he would have it fixed within seconds.  

But after another 10 minutes… still no monitors on stage, and we are now running late on a soundcheck by 30 minutes or so; again, Hanks pipes up “Call my wife”, and again the Engineer assures us that things will be up and running very soon. 

 But by now, said Engineer is starting to mutter obscenities under his breath.  At this point we have stage hands scrambling like ants; changing cables, checking DI boxes, tapping on microphones, checking fuses in the monitors…still nothing.  The Engineer by this time is visibly sweating and has a look of panic on his face; still no sound check and we are 15 minutes before doors open to an SRO sold-out crowd.  

Again, Hank pipes up “Did anybody call my wife?”.  This is the last straw for the Engineer, he is frustrated, and pissed off; he snaps back… “Hank, why would I call your wife?”  

Hank grins and says “That woman knows everything!” 

So… I am putting a little contact form thingy right below here; if you are interested in having me perform where YOU are, talk to my wife.

Tell Cathy who you are, your email, where you are, what you have in mind and she'll get right back to you.  If you want her to call you, please include a phone number in your comments. 

Thanks much...